Welcome to UXMA Greece!

Thessaloniki. "Only 300 meters to the Aegean Sea, extremely innovative and competent employees, Mediterranean flair and only a stone's throw away from the historic city center." What sounds like the catalog description of a top vacation destination (which many Europeans are currently eagerly waiting to book) is actually a fitting description of the new UXMA office in Greece!

With our headquarters in Kiel and offices in Hamburg and Dresden, our Thessaloniki office is now officially the fourth UXMA location to open its doors to our international customers and partners. Our experienced Lead Software Architect Apostolos Giokas will take over the responsibility for the expansion of the location and the management of the UXMA subsidiary UXMA Greece.

"We want to create a permanent place in Greece for UXMA to benefit in a sustainable way professionally, economically and culturally." Apostolos Giokas, Lead Software Architect & Managing Director UXMA Greece

Thanks to a small, very dedicated Greek community within the UXMA team, we have already been closely connected with Thessaloniki for many years. The second largest city in Greece is the economic and cultural center of the entire Macedonia region and has a very high student population thanks to its four universities. With so many young ambitious minds, we feel at home in this student hub of innovation and inspiration and look forward to accessing an exciting personnel market - especially in the field of software development.

Despite the long distance to the headquarters in Kiel, the Thessaloniki site is very closely integrated into the UXMA team, just like any other branch. We successfully collaborate with our international clients through digital channels, platforms and tools and are well trained and positioned in networked, collaborative development.

With the opening of the new office and the accompanying team growth, we are particularly looking forward to expanding our cultural horizons. Only those who are truly open to new impressions, other ways of life and designs, and who are diversified, can really break new ground.

We will make this expansion of personal horizons possible for the entire UXMA team, so that there is always the possibility of coming up with the next groundbreaking project idea in the birthplace of Aristotle and Socrates. Be it in the office or at the end of the day on the picturesque sandy beach not far from Thessaloniki.

The address of our new office is:

Vasileos Irakleiou Kai Karolou Ntil 53
54632 Thessaloniki

As always, you can find current job postings for Thessaloniki on our jobs page and, of course, along with breaking news from Greece on our UXMA Greece LinkedIn profile.

In this spirit we say : "Καλώς ήρθατε στη Θεσσαλονίκη" and look forward to your visit!



UXMA GmbH & Co. KG


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