DiWiSH - The Network for the Digital North

The Digital Economy Schleswig-Holstein (DiWiSH) is the central network of the IT, media and design industry in Schleswig-Holstein. The digital economy is a significant economic sector and important technology area, as well as a driver of the digitalization of companies, the working world and society.

The people in the northernmost federal state feel connected to the region and appreciate direct dialogue. This also characterizes the DiWiSH members, who as experts promote the digital economy in the state. Within this network, events take place, specialist groups meet and services promote the transfer of know-how. The cluster initiates projects and creates optimal conditions for innovation.

We stand up for the digital economy: Cluster DiWiSH

With a total of more than 200 members, DiWiSH is the largest industry network for all small and medium-sized companies in the IT, media and design industries in the region between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Located at the Schleswig-Holstein GmbH (WTSH) Economic Development and Technology Transfer Agency, it has underlined the successful public-private cooperation between DiWiSH e.V. and the WTSH since 2006. The DiWiSH cluster is partially financed by funds from the state's economic programme.

The DiWiSH cluster management and DiWiSH e.V. support their members with the aim of continuing to promote and strengthen the digital economy in Schleswig-Holstein and to assist companies with their economic objectives. The basis for this is the excellent network, which is enlivened and constantly expanded through the exchange and flow of information between the participating companies, business promoters and scientists in the state.

In addition, targeted promotion of young talent in close cooperation with the state's universities helps to counteract the shortage of skilled workers and promote other topics such as software development, broadband expansion, business start-ups and many more.

As a member of DiWiSH e.V. and thus part of the network, you benefit on the one hand from services related to the digital economy and on the other hand support, consolidate and promote Schleswig-Holstein's location and economic power.

The tasks of the cluster management at a glance

Knowledge transfer & exchange of expertise
Employment & Location Marketing
Cooperations & Projects
Public Relations

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